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How it all started

           Allow me to introduce myself; my name is Victoire Harth.

Although I was born in Paris, France, I grew up in Miami. After 20 years there, I followed in my parent's footsteps as globetrotters, I moved to Providence and Boston, where I discovered my passion for event coordinating. I worked for a few finance companies, including HIG Capital and NatIXIS, which gave me the opportunity to delve into incentive travel and corporate events. Eventually, love led me to Montreal, Canada where I worked for Cirque du Soleil and gained a broader perspective on the artistic world and show business.


After a few short years, my life took an unexpected turn when we had an opportunity to move to India. While I didn't expect to thrive or be happy there, I instantly fell in love with this country. India's vibrant culture and the valuable lessons I learned through my volunteer work in rural schools and remote villages captured my heart. During my time there, I put my event skills aside and focused on others, I was able to help in rural schools and remote villages as well as many different charity organisations and foundations. This was able to help me give back to a country that was teaching me about myself everyday. I was able to grow as a woman and a mother. But, as with many things in life, our time in India came to an end, and we moved to Geneva, Switzerland. The transition was challenging as everything that was considered right in India was often wrong in Switzerland, and vice versa. However, I eventually fell in love with the Swiss culture and everything this beautiful country has to offer.


During this time, I began paying more attention to my health and wellness and realized the importance of taking time for myself. As a mom, wife, and professional, I recognized that self-care was crucial to my success. Thus, my passion for event planning, travel, and wellness inspired me to create Take the Time. Through this initiative, I aim to make women more aware of the importance of self-care and offer them the opportunity to indulge in wellness activities such as fitness classes and yoga, and to eat nutritious food while enjoying a brief respite from their daily lives. All the while discovering new parts of Switzerland and Europe. Take the Time retreats provide a chance for women to take time for themselves, whether they come alone or with a friend, it’s always a good time to put yourself first, to take a step back and relax, reflect, and enjoy what life has to offer. 


The retreats I plan are not only for that but also to learn new skills and discover new places and activities. Why not go surfing in Comporta, hiking in the swiss alps, horseback riding on the beach, or learn delicious vegetarian cooking skills? Let us take care of you for a change. You book your stay with us and we take care of the rest. 


I hope we get a chance to meet soon.

Take care,


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