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How it all started

Hello, let me introduce myself, my name is Victoire Harth,

an event coordinator with a passion for travel and wellness. Originally from Paris, France and raised in Miami, I discovered my love for event planning in Providence and Boston. Working with finance companies like HIG Capital and NatIXIS, I delved into incentive travel and corporate events. Later, I moved to Montreal, Canada, where I gained valuable insights into the artistic world while working with Cirque du Soleil.

My life took an unexpected turn when I had the opportunity to move to India. Despite my initial uncertainty, I fell in love with the vibrant culture and volunteered in rural schools and remote villages. Helping others and growing as a woman and mother became an integral part of my journey. Eventually, we relocated to Geneva, Switzerland, where I embraced the Swiss culture and its wonderful surroundings.

During my time in Switzerland, I began prioritizing my health and wellness, recognizing the importance of self-care. This led me to create Take the Time, an initiative aimed at making women aware of taking the time for themselves. Providing wellness activities such as fitness classes, yoga, and nutritious food. Our retreats offer a chance to relax, reflect, and enjoy life while exploring parts of Europe.

At Take the Time, we believe in nurturing personal growth and providing opportunities to learn new skills. Whether it's surfing in Comporta, hiking in the Swiss Alps, horseback riding on the beach, or learning delicious vegetarian cooking, our retreats offer a

chance to unwind you just leave the planning to us.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

Take care,


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