Meet the Team




Victoire is a seasoned events professional with a background in incentive travel and corporate events with various financial institutions including NatIXIS. A globetrotter at heart, she has resided in over five countries including India where she focused on charity work as a volunteer in rural schools and remote villages. A born entrepreneur, her successful endeavors include a business selling fitness attire and a handbag collection aptly named Odyssi.


Through Take The Time, Victoire has married her passion for event planning and working with wellness and people. Her goal is to give guests the opportunity to indulge in self-care, learn about exercise and eat nutritiously while enjoying a brief pause from daily life. 


Personal Trainer

Take Your Time has partnered with the renowned Cyril, a certified fitness instructor with specialisations in fitness, bodybuilding and wellness. As co-founder of Geneva-favorite 372 Sarl, he honed his talents in various realms including personal training, aqua bike and teaching children to swim. Ever the student, Cyril enjoys challenging himself and relishes in watching his clients progress. Cyril has a way of always keeping you motivated during an exercise class even on the toughest of days, his energy level will keep you going until you're ready to drop. 

His certifications include: BLSAED, BPAGFF, BEESAN to name a few. 



Yoga Instructor

Olivia has been teaching yoga for over 10 years. She is a massage, EFT & TRE Therapist, contemporary dancer and a Health Food Chef. She gained her extensive skills and knowledge over numerous years, trialling and testing everything health and wellness to find what works the most efficiently and, of course, realistically!


Olivia's teaching style is a reflection of the somatic practises she has experienced through dance, resulting in her classes being creative and embodied.